Technical (Service Technicians)

VM-3000 Programming Software Course (VM3K-SPC-21)

This course is structured to help Technicians properly program a working VM-3000Series System.
There are 10 Video Chapters.
Each Video is detailed on a specific icon of the VM-3000 Programming Software.
Take time to go through each chapter, in fact, download the VM-3000 Programming Software and mimic the programming as per the tutorial for a better understanding.

This course is available for 45 days after enrollment.

Please plan accordingly before starting this course, as the countdown starts immediately upon enrollment.

  • Chapter 1. Other Icons in the Software Explained
  • Chapter 2. The System Setting Tab / Icon
  • Chapter 3. Surveillance Settings Tab /Icon
  • Chapter 4. Priority Setting Tab /Icon
  • Chapter 5. Zone Matrix Setting Tab/Icon
  • Chapter 6. Event Setting Tab/Icon Part A
  • Chapter 6. Event Setting Tab/Icon Part B
  • Chapter 7. Event Setting Tab/Icon Part C
  • Chapter 8. Utility ->EVE->Messages Setting Tab/Icon
  • Chapter 9. File->Data Output Tab/Icon
  • Chapter 10. Log & Error Tab/Icon
  • Chatpet 11. VM-3000 Software Programming Manual
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 1 year